Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everyone is Bob

Everyone is Bob

By T.A.H. Markou

ISBN: 978-1-936165-28-5
ISBN 10: 1-936165-28-7
Price: $14.99
Available at: Green Monkey Books

What if everyone in the whole wide world was exactly the same? Everyone is Bob is a whimsical look at what the world would be like without social diversity and the uniqueness inherent to every person who is a part of the human race.

Note from the Author:
Children are often curious about people who appear different than they do. They ask questions or loudly point out what makes others not look the same. This can be embarrassing and unkind. Everyone is Bob is a book with a subtle message that if everyone were the same, the world would not be an interesting place. Simple illustrations from round people to a person in a wheelchair, as well as the complications of marriage if everyone was Bob, present a humorous view on what it would be like if all people were the same. Teach your child to appreciate differences and even celebrate them with Everyone is Bob.

What Others Are Saying About This Book:  listed Everyone is Bob on their Summer Reading list to expand children's thinking about fairness and justice.

-Author Joan Koster cites Everyone is Bob in her book Growing Artists: Teaching the Arts to Young Children in a Teaching In Action Section written by Hillary Clark, a first grade teacher as a way to show children how boring we would all be if we were the same as all the Bobs in the book.

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